Pics in Barcelona (vegging out)

So I’ve just come back from a much needed holiday in Barcelona with my family. It was only for a week, but I’d spent the previous week doing long shifts at work, so I was very excited to just relax and sleep for a while.

The first mistake I made was spending a few weeks learning Spanish, only to get off the plane and realise they speak Catalan…

The holiday itself wasn’t as eventful as I thought it was going to be, which was both a good thing and a bad thing. It was great because I spent most days being the vegetable I’ve always wanted to be, but kind of bad because there was a lot more of Barcelona I wanted to see.


view from our apartment 


For the first day, we literally just went to the local shop across the road to get some groceries for the apartment we rented for the week. We ended up buying more junk food than actual food (2 packs of 300g Doritos for less than 3 euros… you know I had to buy them). I realised that most people speak English pretty well, which was great, but I also felt bad about visiting a country and not attempting to speak the language. After shopping, my brothers and I went on a little expedition to find the beach and the train station; on the way, we managed to get a lady to take a cute picture of us (which is when it dawned on me that all my little brothers now tower over me… but my afro adds extra height so it’s okay).


oldest but the shortest haha 


The next day was our most planned day. We were going into the city to get a tour of FC Barcelona’s stadium. I’m not the biggest football fan but it was a fun tour with lots of stairs to climb (my mum wasn’t too pleased about it). We then walked to a cable car ride up a mountain. It was only a 20-minute walk, BUT LET ME TELL YOU: that hill was one of the steepest I’ve had to walk up. The view, once we got to the top, was phenomenal so I can’t complain too much.


view from the top of the hill we just trekked up


The next day was purely a beach day. It wasn’t that warm, but it was very sunny. I stole my dad’s phone and we took lots of really cute pictures of each other and together. One of my brothers took a couple of really nice insta worthy ones that I posted a few days ago on my Instagram here if you wanna check that out 🙂


beach days are the best days 😉


The next few days kind of blended into each other. I remember at some point I went to the Gothic Quater of Barcelona on a free walking tour I happened to just walk past on my way to the Barcelona Cathedral. Afterwards, we even managed to walk to La Sagrada Familia which was literally the most beautiful bit of architecture I’ve seen in a long time.


it’s still under construction…


At the end of the holiday, I felt well fed and well rested. Then the realisation that I haven’t done any actual work for 3 weeks now… Guess I have to get back in the saddle when I get back to university.

Lots of love,

Teddy 🙂

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