First Semester is Over!

So I’ve been back home in London for a few days now, and I thought I’d just check in with you guys.

Semester one is done!!! (or more specifically for me as a second year, semester three)

I’m sure most of you will have also finished or finishing soon and I just wanted to write a few words of advice for those of you who are stressing out about January Exams.

  • Take some time off

You’ve just finished a semester. Take some time to celebrate! Have lots of lie-ins, watch your favourite TV show, spend time with family, or just veg out on a sofa for a few days. You deserve it. I think I’ve probably been sleeping for at least 12 hours these past few days! Definitely needed a few of those to feel human again.

  • Plan your attack

Unfortunately some of us have exams in January, so we don’t get to completely relax the whole time 😦 Take a bit of time to plan out your studying for the next few weeks, so you get all the work done during this time that you have away from the pressures environment of medical school. I will do a post soon about how I will be studying this Christmas holiday, because planning is extremely important if you want to cover all your content efficiently.

  • Don’t overdo it

Remember: you’re on holiday. Although there’s still a lot to do, don put too ich pressure on yourself, or you’ll burn out before exams are even here. Aim to work efficiently, and not for long hours.

Again well done to everyone who’s survived semester one. Enjoy your Christmas holidays!


Teddy 🙂

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